On Thursday, Nov 26th, the Western REN hosted a training seminar for all of our municipal partners to learn about “Investment Readiness”. It was an informative day, with lots of good discussion.
Investment Readiness is the ability to know exactly what your region has to offer a potential investor; whether that investor is local or from afar.
Investment Readiness is immediately recognizing even the most informal investment inquiry and knowing precisely what to do with it.
​As municipal units, Investment Readiness is being able to respond to requests for information in an effective and timely fashion; to have clear protocols to follow across departments and between staff.
As the Western Region, Investment Readiness is looking for ways to keep investment interest in the region; to have agreement among municipal partners on how to best prepare for and handle potential investors.
Investment Readiness is about more than just the protocol – more than just the data and information. Investment Readiness is about the relationships we have in our own region – it’s knowing that we are all on the same team.
It’s about working together – as a region and understanding that a win for the Western Region is a win for all municipal partners – a win for Nova Scotia.

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