Fishing For Solutions-Pitch Competition

About: During the past year a group of business and government leaders has embarked on a process with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) called the Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (REAP) and today the local team is coming to you to help develop solutions to one of the problems our area faces. Every year thousands of pounds of waste wash onto the shores of Southwestern Nova Scotia, much of it the by-product of the fishing industry in the area. Items such as rope, traps, various plastics and more are lost of boats or otherwise become free in the ocean.

The Challenge: We are asking you; what innovative ways can beach waste be repurposed?

We are looking for you to consider commercial viability, environmental impacts, sustainable business models, the processes of bringing your idea to market and if possible how you integrate technological innovation.

How it Works: You will have 5 minutes to make your pitch (via zoom) with up to 5 minutes of questions and answers from the judges. In addition to the pitch, you will also be required to provide a one page summary of your idea that will be provided to judges to assist in their process. Be sure to use both the verbal pitch and the written submission wisely.

Prizes:1st Place: $1,500, 2nd Place: $1,000, 3rd Place: $500

Read over Official Rules for more information. Pitch submissions will be accepted until March 23, 2022.

Important Dates:

March 23, 2022: Pitch Submission Deadline
March 30, 2022: Pitch Night

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Contact Information:
Rick Allwright
Project Coordinator