Connector Program

Getting connected to opportunity in Western NS

The Connector Program puts local talent directly in touch with business and community leaders.

Through one-on-one informal meetings, local business and community leaders known as Connectors meet with talented and skilled people living here who are interested in employment opportunities in the Western Region- they are known as Connectees.

How it Works

This simple yet effective networking program that helps local talent build a professional network, connect with career opportunities in the Western Region, and settle successfully in our community.


It’s no secret, people go where there’s opportunity. The Connector Program helps people identify opportunities and seize them. It matches Connectors and Connectees based on experience, backgrounds, and career interests or the Connectee’s interest in a specific organization.

Once the connection has been made, an introduction email is sent to the Connector and the Connectee to set up a meeting.


The Connector and the Connectee meet (about 30 minutes) and discuss industry backgrounds, skills and areas of expertise, industry related news, current market demands, and hidden job opportunities in the Western Region.


After the first meeting, the Connector gives the Connectee three referrals to people within their professional network. These referrals may be potential employers, influential leaders within their industry or other people who will benefit from meeting with a skilled professional.

As Connectees meet with business and community leaders in the region, they gain a better understanding of the local job market, learn about the community, and are exposed to business and career opportunities in Western NS.

Connectees are:

  • Upcoming graduates from a post-secondary degree or certification program (University, NSCC, or specialized training program). Start making local connections before graduation to find Western employment opportunities available to you once your studies/training are done.
  • Recent local and international graduates (have a post-secondary degree or diploma and/or are in the final year of a post-secondary program); or
  • Boomerangers who are moving back home and are actively looking to put their skills/trade/career to work; or
  • Local skilled people who are underemployed; or
  • Newcomers from other areas of NS, other provinces, or other countries, who have post-secondary education or training and/or a diploma, certificate or degree and a valid work permit for NS;
  • AND who all are:
    • Currently living in the Western Region with the intent to work and stay here

Become a Connector

Join the Connector Program and gain access to the marketplace by getting in touch with this group of skilled workers in our community. By becoming a Connector, you will benefit from:

  1. Access to local talent
  2. Increased awareness about your organizations and industry
  3. Knowing you are opening doors for people and helping them succeed in our region
  4. Making our communities more welcoming and diverse
  5. Reducing your risk when hiring a new employee with pre-qualified candidates

Brenda LaGrandeur
Manager, Western REN Connector Program

With funding from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education

Photo during March 2017 Announcement to expand National Connector Program into Western Region. L-R: Minister Churchill of Municipal Affairs, Minister Regan of Labour & Advanced Education, Warner Comeau Western REN Board Chair, Angélique LeBlanc Western REN CEO, Robyn Webb National Connector Program