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Hi there, my name is Jamie Smith, who is from Yarmouth, NS. I am currently in my last semester of post-secondary schooling at Nova Scotia Community college. Where I have been taking the Business Administration course, with a concentration in marketing. I am looking for work in the Yarmouth area, but I am completely open to working remotely online as well. Throughout my schooling, I have gained a varied skill set that is focused on marketing, although I have become quite knowledgeable about both management and financial skills as well. From my past summer work opportunity, working remotely online on the marketing team at Communications Nova Scotia, as the Media Buyer's Assistant, which solidified my passion for the advertisement industry. I was able to perceive different ways that the knowledge I learned in school was able to be utilized out in the real world. I really enjoyed and excelled at creating and following blocking charts for multiple large campaigns at once, while also sitting in on creative meetings with different government departments and third-party marketing firms, listening to their thoughts and ideas on what they were looking to get out of a campaign was such an amazing time for me. In just a week I became fluent in using an online database, FileMaker, where I would create insertion orders for each campaign we were working on, and within those insertion orders, I would create the purchase orders to send to each vendor whom I would contact directly. These purchase orders would contain the advertisements date(s), time(s), the file name for the creative, and placement of the advertisement. I would be in personal contact with vendors all over Canada, from newspapers, radios stations, television, and more. Of course, I would absolutely love to work in the marketing industry, but I am open to many more oppourtunites. I believe that due to my top organization and interpersonal skills, I would flourish as an administrative assistant, possibly at an elementray school, an accountants office or a real estate office, but I am open to lots of different office settings. Looking forward to my future within the business world! Jamie Smith


Email: jamiemsmith121@outlook.com

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