What is the Western REN Continuous Improvement Program?

The Western REN Continuous Improvement (CI) program introduces CI/LEAN Manufacturing to your company and your team.

In a company, Continuous Improvement is a team mentality shared by the employees to actively look for ways to improve the operation daily in small, incremental steps.

Continuous Improvement Project of the Western REN is the introduction and training of the CI philosophy. It teaches your entire team practical methods to see and address inefficiency in operation in their area of work.

The project is led by a consultant who works with managers and employees who together look for ways to improve the operation.

A CI project gives all employees the tools to improve efficiency and reduce waste. It helps unite everyone into a team with the common goal of improving efficiency.

Continuous Improvement Projects can improve profitability by reducing production time, costs, labour, and waste in general and improving workflow and key performance indicators.

Projects can include the 5Ss, SMED, Kanban, TIM WOODS waste reduction, and other LEAN process improvement methodologies. The projects are effective in physical processes, like manufacturing, and documentary processes like order flow and ERP/MRP.

Continuous Improvement projects can significantly improve the bottom line of your business operations for years to come.

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“The Continuous Improvement Project benefitted the operation directly by improving organization, efficiency, organizational structure and accountability.  The introductory project that was offered through the Western REN improved internal logistics, made us more focussed and reduced waste in time, travel and costs.”
Testimonial of a boat shop.

“The stockroom has such an important role in the shipyard and improving our processes is only going to benefit the business in the long-term. In addition, our overall billing process has been improved significantly through these efforts with a YTD improvement of 48% fewer days to send bills to customers so far over the previous year.”
From a shipyard.

Our team enjoyed the training we received through the Western REN! Our trainer was great, and a wonderful asset for our continuous improvement and growth strategies. We highly recommend it!”
From a home interiors design and manufacturing company.

“After the completion of the 5-day introductory Continuous Improvement (CI) project, significant improvements were observed in workplace organization and workflow. The implementation of standardized operating procedures and the cultivation of consistent practices during peak periods have been achieved through effective team-based problem-solving strategies.”
These positive outcomes were acknowledged by a large resort hotel.

“Taking part in the Continuous Improvement project gave us a fresh perspective on how to streamline our processes and work much more efficiently to improve our bottom line. The knowledge we gained and changes we were able to make in such a short time will be a huge asset to growing our business and serving our customers better!”
From a print shop

“What we got out of the project surpassed my expectations for sure. It was hard to understand exactly what the consultant was going to do but I’m so happy he came down.”
Quoted by a regional grocer and department store chain.