Whether you are looking for supports for your start-up or wanting to create a succession plan for your retirement, our BusinessNow program can help you.

BusinessNow is the Western REN’s business retention & expansion program, which includes all efforts to encourage the retention and growth of a community’s existing businesses. With BusinessNow, more is better.

BusinessNow Program Steps:

  1. Outreach – make contact between BusinessNow expert and business owner to arrange a meeting time
  2. Visitation – BusinessNow expert conducts a confidential, diagnostic visit to identify the client’s goals in business, & look for any red-flags
  3. Red Flags & Referrals –  BusinessNow expert calls on action and referral team to follow up on any identified challenges or barriers
  4. Data Management – data is managed in a protected system
  5. Follow up – BusinessNow expert follows up with client after referrals
  6. Analysis – data is monitored, especially as more clients’ data is entered, revealing trends
  7. Reports and Actions – using pooled data, business climate reports will clearly identify common challenges or barriers, networks of working groups or task forces can then be brought to bear on the issues.

Benefits of an expanded BusinessNow program

Benefits to Business

  • Early identification of upcoming challenges to successful businesses
  • Directed supports to strengthen or bolster business
  • Access to pooled data reports on local business climate for business planning

Benefits to Western REN

  • Real, on the ground, information about current and near-future business conditions
  • Identify and anyalyze trends in the business community
  • Provide direction for business-case advocacy on industry issues

BusinessNow Lead EDO, Matthew Trask