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The Western Region of Nova Scotia has a geographically dispersed population of nearly 50,000 people living in both urban and rural settings. This region’s economy is traditionally driven by fishing and logging, with manufacturing, agriculture, and aquaculture having important roles.

• A friendly and largely bilingual population
• Safe communities
• Both career and entrepreneurial opportunities
• A quality of life well suited to those who love a maritime lifestyle.

Western NS has two regional hospitals, both French and English public schools, service hubs with all the amenities of a city, several options for post-secondary training, and regional recreational and sports facilities. This part of Nova Scotia is home to Kejimkujik National Park and a Unesco Biosphere Dark Sky Reserve. Many provincial and regional parks dot the shorelines and backroads of Western Nova Scotia. See links below for more information about the seven (7) communities of the Western REN.

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