Western Regional Enterprise Network Releases Findings from Cellular Service Survey

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia – In December, the Western Regional Enterprise Network conducted a survey asking residents to share their experiences with cell service issues in the area.

The survey ran until January 31st, 2024, and received 1390 responses. Each response represented a specific issue on a particular date that the respondent experienced with their cellphone service. A total of 64% of responses accounted for cell issues that took place during business hours. The most reported issue was the inability to make or receive calls, including those to emergency services. Respondents also reported dropped calls and distorted audio to be significant issues. These issues occurred regardless of the service provider or cellphone model.

Respondents shared comments about the general state of cell service in the region. According to many, the more rural the area, the worse cell service got. Many noted a decline in cellular service quality, particularly highlighting poor reception at wharves as a significant concern.

Additionally, many encountered difficulties even on clear days with no mitigating weather conditions. Areas with more typically reliable cell service also experienced disruptions during periods of bad weather. Some reported that problems that arose following recent storms and wildfires remain unresolved.

“Our recent survey revealed the pressing need for improved cell service in our region. The data collected emphasizes the urgency of addressing these issues to ensure the safety and connectivity of our communities,” said Angelique LeBlanc, Chief Executive Officer of the Western REN. “This information gathering is an important step in mapping out problems and problem areas. We encourage everyone to continue sharing their experiences with cell service so upgrades can be made to meet our needs,” said LeBlanc.

The Western REN is committed to working closely with our municipal partners and Build Nova Scotia to facilitate significant change as part of the Cellular for Nova Scotia initiative. We will share these findings with our municipal partners and Build Nova Scotia to address cell service issues in the Western Region. The anticipated next step will be a provincial survey, which the Western REN will share and encourage as many people as possible to participate in.

For further information, contact
Jakob Postlewaite, Communications Coordinator, Western Regional Enterprise Network, 902-317-1998 or by email